Renewal Mission Centers - Rural

Holistic Empowerment

Along with spiritual renewal, we employ an Asset-Based-Church-Driven (ABCD) approach to livelihoods empowerment. Our Alpha Empowerment is for Gospel workers in these regions, Our Beta Empowerment is for church members who have come together for some livelihood projects. Our gamma projects empower even those outside the church, because we love our neighbors too!


Renewal Clinics

Because our bodies and health matter to God, Jesus, full of the Spirit healed the sick (Acts 10:38). We join in this work as our medical team serves communities to maintain and restore their health. Most of these marginalized communities have little to no access to any medical services.

Renewal Water Projects

Water is life. Many of the communities we work in do not have a sustainable source of water. Needless to say, the implications of this are dire. Our water projects will include a mid-term water tank solution where we source for water truck to fill these tanks. But our long-term solution is the digging or wells and/or boreholes.

Renewal Academies

Educational empowerment is probably the most effective way to lift up a community long-term. We set up Kindergartens in most of our Mission Centers where children have to walk several kilometers to school one way. We also offer scholarships to very needy families with upper primary and high school-going children.

Renewal Community Centers - Urban

Holistic Empowerment

In the urban areas, our holistic empowerment programs look a little different. Starting out with walk-in programs we discover and recruit influential change catalysts. We train these in both the faith and integrated empowerment approaches. We then send these catalysts out to launch movements of multiplying Integrated faith Communities.

Urban Renewal Initiatives

In urban areas, we discover a need that is least attended to and deploy our team to work in these areas for healing and renewal. These areas may vary from drugs and substance abuse, street families, commercial sex workers etc.

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